The Entrepreneurial Journey of Parul University





The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer!”

In 2013, the story of entrepreneurship in Parul University got a kick start with the setting up of a separate Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC). The aim of EDC has been to create an entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in an entrepreneurial culture among students and mentoring of start-ups.

Keeping the aim in mind, EDC coordinators have been selected from each department. Their work was to do sensitization and encourage budding entrepreneurs to develop an idea. They followed the process laid down by the Central EDC Core Committee in each semester. In each semester, the coordinators conducted the expert session, video session, and activities among students.

See Things In The Present, Even If They Are In The Future, at Parul University”

The process helped in generating ideas among students. The students with an idea were motivated to start a startup within the campus.

The startups were mentored by the EDC core committee and some were successful in generating revenue. The persistence and collective effort of Parul students helped them to create a Waghodia Startup village.

The entrepreneur has always been estranged to the word ‘enough’. The students at Parul University extended the expanse of glory throughout the country by participating in competitions like NEC (National Entrepreneurship Challenge)

Stop Wishing and Start Doing” is a core motto at Parul University.

What started with a mere participation in NEC in 2014 was converted into leading the challenge in 2015.

A tie-up with the recognized network known as National Entrepreneurship Network also combined hands with Parul to spread the knowledge of entrepreneurship in the country.

As the story entered the present phase entrepreneurs of 2016. Parul won the runner-up award in the E-week organized by NEN in March.

On 15th November 2016, Manish Jain of the 3rd semester, PIMR, founder of a startup named “Veggie Hub & Veg on doors” who won most exciting Startups of India met Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, of Wadhwani foundation. He was among the three startups who had been invited from the whole country for a meeting with the evangelist of entrepreneurship in India.

Wadhwani Foundation has played a key role in spreading the idea of entrepreneurship across the country. It has made a number of stakeholders to help them build a national network for entrepreneurship known as National Entrepreneurship Network.

Small Steps Lead Parul University To Huge Success.”

The founder of the startup felt ecstatic and proud of representing the Gujarat and Parul University in a crucial meeting. He shared his experience of starting up under the mentoring of Parul EDC Cell and the valuable guidance his startup has received.

After returning to the campus, Manish Jain narrated the important points discussed and future declarations made by Mr. Wadhwani and initiatives to be undertaken.

He expressed special thanks to EDC Parul University for an exposure on an all India basis. He felt proud for showing faith in him as an individual and his entrepreneurial venture, to become the torchbearer of the entrepreneurial spirit of team Parul in the meeting.

With the thought of “Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing”, Parul University’s main priority was in the success of its students and their new start-ups.

The success of EDC lies in the success of student start-ups. It is the success of students which is on priority.

At the end, EDC believes in a Greek quote given by Homer, author of the odyssey, which goes like this:

“The journey is a thing”.

And this journey involves a team which includes the faculties and students keeping the spirit of entrepreneurship alive and adding colors to the motto of being vibrant of Parul University. We look forward to many such rewards on startups in 2017.


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