Why Is Batman The Best Engineer In All The Superheroes?

Call him philanthropist, best case-solver or superhero;Batman will always be the best engineer of all times in the whole hero-history!

Why you ask?

Perfectly engineered suit, that vehicle, the awesome armoury, skill that can compete to a ninja and what not?Starting from the bat-cave that can take a lot of effort and brainwork in building up the hidden roads for the batmobilesliding towards the exits, a roof top covering up for the batplane, the canal flow for the batboat and batsub are the very good examples to the students of civil engineering.

He is a guru when it comes to Automobile and Design Engineering!

To design a motorcycle that can rollup down the tyres for it turns that to 360 degree is really impressive even cooler with the name batcycle.Batmobile which can become invisible through its stealth panels and can survive bomb blasts of a bazooka slithering on the roads of dark nights of gotham city is in fact spectacular.

The sleek aerodynamics of Batwing or the Bat plane is non comparable. A plane designed to reach the heights of rocket, gain the momentum of supersonic speeds and fire ferocious missiles to destroy the enemies. Launch it once in auto mode and the criminals won’t even have the courage to think about committing a crime.

How do I meet him?

Absurd curiosity caused by the knowledge of these gadgets and skills of batman always leads to an end with one question ‘How do I meet him?’ Like there is no superhero section in yellow pages or superhero.com but engineering paves its way there also. You just need to find a search light, cut-out a bat shaped clipping, project them together towards the clouds and hi-ya batman’s at your service!Even his mask is a savvy piece of engineering with feisty terror of his darkness and sharp edges.

“My fear will now become theirs” said the Barbarous Batman. Not just to frighten his enemies but his suit also consists of bulletproof cape and utility belt. Everything’s lightweight and deadly. Ready to combat; his suit made up of Kevlar – five times stronger than the steel, his frightful cape made up of Nomex which is cloth in appearance but gets excited just by an electric spark allowing him to glide in thin air soundlessly.

Intimacy of nanotechnology in his utility belt is inexpressible. Bat shaped shurikens, Grapple gun which launches vicious claws grappling onto the surface letting on to glide to different places in a blink, taser to stun the enemies onto the ground, grenades to blasts-off everything that comes under its radius, gas pellets, laser, tranquilizer gun, disruptors, freeze bombs etc- all inside that teeny tiny utility belt; perfect example of mechanical and mechatronics engineering.

Engineers always strive for perfection, believe in optimization and after all the advantages, attributes, qualities we also make the product look cool. Cooler than anyone’s imagination. This is the biggest sign of an engineer. Perfection.

He turned his fears into his strength. That is what we all should do!

The mugger who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents might not get a pat on the back for making Batman, Batman. But look at the legacy what batman has created, saving thousands of lives, ensuring safety and security. The pain Bruce went through has been a disaster on him. He had every chance to take his life, free himself from the never ending guilt and remorse. But NO. He didn’t give up. Instead he trained. He trained very hard. He made himself strong mentally, physically, emotionally, intellectually. He absorbed knowledge gained martial arts skills. He overcame his fears. He became Batman.

As an engineers what do we do?

We shift up the gears and crank up the lives; we are the engineers, we can make anything possible.

In Engineering there does come times when we fail in something but the ultimate solution to every problem is not giving up. Rise up. Dust yourself off and become better.

Batman is not only the best engineer superhero of all time but also he has also been a good teacher. Inspite of not having superpowers Batman has proved that all you need is technology and eternal will power to become someone living for a greater cause. If I could have been a victim of any crime I would definitely loved to be saved by Batman. Our engineer. Our life-saver. Our Superhero.



4 Responses

  1. A perfect example of how a movie should be analysed and how it should be used for gaining positivity. This post is very good it has changed the definition of Batman from a SUPER-HERO to a SUPER-ENGINEER. It is appreciable.

    Thing to learn “Overcame your fear and you will became Batman”

  2. When you are given to choose between “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and your engineering textbook, the choice is obvious.Many juveniles fancy to be one of the DC Comics’ superhero. They feel its the only place where imagination creeps in. But dreams are meant to be fulfilled. Reel is meant to be brought to real life.Your writings clearly explain what power engineering has got with it.Engineering can turn a traumatized urchin Bruce Wayne to the strapping Batman.But at last the credit goes to his determination and fortitude which made him what he is today.

    “it’s not important who I am underneath but what I do that defines me”
    P.S.: Can’t wait to see our favorite superhero on big screen!

  3. Marvelous and minute observation depicts keen technical mind behind the article. Now it’s a challenge to the techies to turn fiction to the reality

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