Developing Accountability For Your Work

Once you become accountable for your work, there is no room for procrastination.

A mother used to wake up her young daughter each and every morning, for her classes. Now one day after being tired of waking up her child every morning, she decided to buy her an alarm clock. The daughter with great excitement received the gift and immediately when she went to bed she set the alarm in time for her school. When morning came,the alarm rang and she slowly took out her hand and pressed the snooze button. The alarm rang again and again and she still continued to snooze it. The mother finally came, only to find the snooze button pressed, while her daughter was still asleep and almost late for school. She simply picked up the alarm and threw it out, and continued waking her daughter as she did before.

From this story i realised one simple thing, i realised that the problem was not the child, or her mother or even the clock itself, the problem was the snooze button. You see every time the child pressed the snooze button the alarm would stop ringing. In other words, the button was a temporary distraction meant to stop the alarm clock. You see this is the main reason for the delays in the work that you do, you keep snoozing the work until there is no time left.

Whenever we receive work to do, we bring along very small temporary distractions, and these distractions are the snooze buttons we create in our lives. The only solution lies in handling the work you are given as your own, developing a sense of accountability, passion, focus and above all the need to be responsible for the work as if it was your own.

You see the mother realised that the daughter was her own, which is why she threw away the clock and woke her up herself, deep within her heart she felt responsible for her daughter. Procrastination comes only when we do not feel connected with the work we are doing. You need to create a bond with your work, just as you create bonds with your loved ones. A bond that is so strong that no amount of distraction will be able to take away your focus.

They say procrastination is the thief of time and the way your time gets stolen is very simple. You see whenever you receive a project to work on, you start believing that oh ā€˜iā€™ have a month to go, but suddenly the month turns into one day. You see the more you delay your projects, or anything you are working on is the more the quality of your work gets stolen. Once you become accountable for your work, it means that whether your work becomes good or bad it reflects on you.

In Parul University, along with the degree, one of the main principles we deeply desire to impart on our students is the need to avoid procrastinating and doing the work on time. Our teaching and non teaching staff are driven by the need to be accountable for their work as well as their students. We believe that when a teacher delays the student suffers, when a doctor delays, the life of the patient suffers, above all when the student procrastinates not only the student suffers but the society suffers.

It is my heartfelt desire to make you know that being accountable for your work means putting yourself in the centre of every task you are given. The only way to create a bond with your work, is when you become fully responsible for each and everything that you do.

Dr Geetika Madan Patel is a proficient doctor and administrator having pursued her MBBS and MD in Community Medicine with Gold Medal from the illustrious Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.
Currently she is the Member of Board of Governance and Medical Director of Parul University.

She has played key role in the establishment and is now heading Parul Sevashram Hospital (450 bedded Multispecialty hospital affiliated to the Medical College under Parul University), Ayurveda and Homoeopathy Hospitals affiliated to their respective colleges and various other medical and paramedical activities and initiatives of Parul University. She has played a pivotal role in expanding the health care activities of the trust beyond the boundaries of Gujarat State to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra. She is also involved in teaching community medicine subject to the Medical students.

With her special interest in developing research activities in the field of Medical and Paramedical Science, she has established Clinical research and Public Health Research departments, Institutional Ethics Committee for Human research in the University. She has won many national awards for her research presentations during her post graduation.

In addition to this, she also works for various social welfare activities especially in the field of Health, Education and Women empowerment.

The incessant efforts of Dr Geetika are always directed towards taking Parul University to the mark of excellence in all the fields.

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