How to Choose the Right Career


The youth of India has various options when it comes to selecting the right career and an appropriate university to study in, hence choosing the right career has always been a tough decision. The reason why we are so finicky about our career choices is because the right job will inspire you, amplify your strengths and help you to live a happy and accomplished life. While on the other hand, choosing the wrong career may leave you frustrated, dissatisfied, stressed and unhappy. Gone are the days when career choices were set at the age of 16.

Today’s Indian youth has more options for work, study, and development than ever before. Changing careers late in life has never been easy. With so many options, comes lots of possibilities and hence making up your mind can be tricky. A person may have different skills or be interested in more than one profession or job. One might have excellent teaching skills but would also love to build their own enterprise! Maybe you can’t decide which subjects to study at an undergraduate level or your final results didn’t turn out the way you hoped for. There are lots of factors for you to keep in mind while choosing the right career. We present you, a guide to choosing the career path and a university that is right for you.

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While considering a career, your focus should be on the things you’re good at. A greater sense of enjoyment and fulfilment is achieved when working within a subject area or field you excel in, rather than choosing something you hate! Along with skills, you also need to think about what sort of work you would enjoy. Personal values also play a vital role while making a career choice. Perhaps, you love the idea of developing new drugs and medicines, hence choosing the right course for further studies at a good institute like Parul University, is the step that should be considered. If you have conflicting ideas or are unsure where to begin, you can always research, which will suggest suitable job options based on your skills, personality, and values.

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Aiming high is a good thing, but being realistic is equally important. You might have been dreaming about a career path your whole life, but you realize that it isn’t working due to whatever reason. If so, don’t give up or despair as there are numerous alternatives just waiting to be explored. If you were dreaming of being a doctor since a long time but due to low scores you can’t get admission in a medical college, for instance, you can consider becoming a Nurse, which would also allow you to serve the injured and save humankind with the miracle of medical science at Parul University.

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We’ve all had career options that didn’t work out perfectly. Sometimes, even with the best will, your chosen career has not turned out the way you had hoped. But it’s never too late to retrain and embark on a new field. Changing careers has never been so easy but doing your research well and choosing the right universities can always help you make the right decision. So, if engineering left you disappointed and you have a burning desire to follow your heart and become a physiotherapist or you’d love to set up a business, study Business Administration! All in all our message is: it’s never too late and you can find all this at Parul University!

Choosing the right career for you can be a tough and overwhelming process. Rather than focusing on identifying a direct path, first determine your goals, and then sync your findings with what various courses that different colleges and universities have to offer. Select a university with various options, like Parul University offers various graduate and postgraduate programs including Bachelor of Visual Arts, Master of Science, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Bachelor of Architecture & Interior Design, etc.





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