Knowing your worth

‘How much you are worth matters more than how much you get paid’
I remember back in my college days, whereby each time I would go for my classes, I never used to go with a bag or any books in particular. Rather what I used to do was that, I would ask for a single page from any student sitting close to me, and from that page I would write whatever that was being taught by the teacher on that day. Every single day went by and I would do the very same thing, up until the semester finished. At this point I simply took all the different single pages some green, some blue and I simply compiled them all into one study file.

Every single student who gave me the paper, to them it was a useless scrap which had no value. It was just a plain sheet of paper, but the moment I started giving value to this sheet of paper is when I started taking note of what the teacher taught. With every single word I wrote the value of these papers increased, so much that when I complied them all in one file, the entire file became of great value. When I look at the life of a student I basically see the same scenario, a scenario whereby from his first day of enrolment, he is like the plain sheet of paper, and with every form of knowledge and education he receives, his value gets to increase. In other words, the best university is the one that seeks to instil value within the students, one that creates the worth of the students and above all one that makes them understand it.

Value creation is the main drive behind the placement cell under Parul University, such an ideology that I believe to be of great importance. From the day of enrolment, the students may not understand the level of their worth, and the entire process of should be centred on making them understand that they are so valuable to the extent that they can work in any company they desire to be. In simple words making the student sit in front of a company in the interview, is not the toughest thing to do, however the largest amount of time, is invested in the development of industrial qualities within the students,these qualities create an attraction to the companies so much that they become willing to offer the largest salary packages, a kind of quality that saw in Neel Shah, one of our top students from Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology and awarded him an 18 lac package.

All throughout history there has been a huge gap between university education and the world at large, and this distance has led to most of the students failing to find their way when they get into the business world. In simple words, the placement cell has led to Parul University acting as a bridge to, fill in the gap between the educational institutions and industrial sector. The question is how do we bridge this gap? And the answer to this is quite simple, we bring the world into the vibrant campus of Parul University. Each and every effort is made with the goal of establishing the finest relations with the top companies all around us nationally and internationally.
A seed planted by a farmer deep within the soil, only grows after a long time of watering it and taking proper care of it, and with time it grows to become a huge tree that bears fruits for many to enjoy. The placement cell basically plays the role of farmers, as we move around every corner of the business world, planting seeds of good relations, relations which get to grow, for the benefit of each and every student within Parul University. These relations have been made and have also been humbly maintained with the finest companies such as Alembic pharmaceuticals, Atos, Tata, and Vodafone among other leading firms. The roots of these relations are so deep that they go beyond just placement drives, but they go on to include the offering of assistance in the grooming of students, through the organizing of various seminars and workshops with top experts from such companies.

Above all, each and every student knows how to speak, but most of students do not know how to communicate. Career development is by all means the prime objective of the Placement cell under Parul University. To give students an ability to communicate with the business world around them, to understand what the world needs, to understand the business language, the most valuable person is the one who best satisfies the needs of the business world. Know your worth today.

Sr. Director- Training & Placement, Career Development Cell
Engineering & Computer Applications
Parul University

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