Tech driven library in Parul University campus

To quote Albert Einstein, “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library”. Parul University attaches the same importance to this institution that the 20th century genius did. It defines its Mission as,

“To connect people to the world of information and ideas”.

The library has a massive collection of information.

  • More than 189180+ books, on various subjects such as Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Homoeopathy, Physiotherapy, Science, Commerce, Arts, Social Work, Medical, Paramedical, Law, Vocational Education, Computer Science, etc
  • 447+ Periodicals, Journals and Magazines
  • more than 8582 CDs/DVDs/Floppies
  • more than 185 Indian Standards Codes,
  • more than 2880 Bound Periodicals (including back volumes of useful journals),
  • 1805+ Dissertation & Theses and

–   20 newspapers are regularly subscribed to by the 10 libraries of Parul University.

The reference section has several Encyclopaedia & Books on General Knowledge. To enrich the library collection, several valuable books on varied topics of study and interests are added every year.

The library also has a growing section on digital learning resources with an Internet facility to collect information from around the world.

The Library has introduced a system of direct access where students and staff can enter the stacks and choose books for themselves.

A library orientation program is held for new students to make them aware of assorted services provided by the library and the procedure to borrow books and other reading material.

The library has a Book Bank Scheme. Deserving and needy students can borrow Text Books for one academic year / semester from the Book Bank.

The library has a spacious stock room as well as reading Halls for staff and students. The library hours are extended for the benefit of students from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Monday to Saturday) and the Sunday time is 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Library has initiated the computerization of its services and activities with the implementation of SOUL 2.0 software and follows the Barcode system for issuance of books. It also provides OPAC – “ON LINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOUGE” to find the location of books and other materials in the library.

Academic displays are organized in the library for different departments; new books acquired by the library are also displayed for the benefit of students and staff.

A Digital Repository of Parul University has been developed to disseminate the information available in the library. The repository contains digital theses/dissertations, reports and other publications of institute members. This will work as a valuable tool to facilitate scholarly communication and preserve the institution information. This Repository also contains exam papers (Internal & University) with answer key, syllabus, freely available resources like e-journals, e-books etc.

Reprographic services are also available for the students & Staff.
The library is an ILL member of DELNET, New Delhi. This enables access to thousands of libraries all over the country. Inter library loan facility is available in the campus library for the better service of students and staff.

Optimum and extensive use of these available facilities by staff, students is made feasible by a team of dedicated, well-trained and co- operative library staff.

In addition to the 10 libraries, several other rooms for reading and study have been created at convenient locations all over the campus.

The University’s Social Responsive Cell and its Library recently launched the “GYAN DHARA” Mobile library for the villages near by the University viz., Ishwarpura and Kamlapura.

The University’s Central Library will run this Mobile Library which will carry 400 books on different themes targeting the children of these two villages. The main objective is to enhance the reading skills among children and promote education and all-round development.

“A Book is a dream that we hold in our hands”. The Library at Parul University is a powerful enabler of such dreams.

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