The need for perfection

Two partners who were working together had a long argument. Their argument was about the way in which they were going to design the first clock. In this argument, the first partner claimed that the clock should only have two hands, one for the minute and the other for the hour. He argued this simply because according to him, seconds were two small and no one really paid attention to them. The other partner on the other hand was supporting the need to have three hands, with the second hand included. When this argument heated up, the first partner by mistake dropped the clock they had worked on for years on the ground, and it broke into pieces. In shock!They both looked at the million pieces on the floor, they were both completely out of words. Then the first partner opened his mouth and said, “It has taken us one second to destroy the thing that has taken us years to build”. With these words they both agreed to make a clock with three hands. They finally saw the value of a little second, and realised that years of hard workcould simply turned into nothing by a second of carelessness.

This is the same way we should value our time. Even if a second is small, it is all it takes to make a huge difference in our lives. In the various kinds of work that we get, I have seen workers and students, who give attention only to the large amounts of work, and completely neglect the small daily goals. But I believe in order to be successful in every single thing that we do, we all need to be like the other partner who saw the value of the second hand way before the clock had broken into pieces. We need to see every single thing, either big or small as of great importance, this is because when it comes to any work you are given in the university or workplace. The way you respond to the work and how much effort you put into it is far much more important than the number of work you complete. This simply means that the quality of work is far much more important than the quantity.

A single stone of diamondcan is more valuable than a truck full of money, why? This is simply because within the diamond, lies a great amount of value, a kind of value that never changes no matter how small it is. That is the same attitude we need to have towards our work, a kind of attitude that in all that we do, the way we value it should never change simply because of the size of the work, but we should put our best of efforts and focus into each and everything we do.

The greatest problem with the two partners was that they finally realised the importance and the value of the second hand when the clock had broken into pieces. This is highly symbolic of the clock life gives us every morning we wake up, what you do in the morning, what you do in the afternoon and what you do in the evening each day, can never be repeated. Therefore, we should treasure each and every single moment life gives us, we should make the best use out of every single small thing that we do in life. Thus from the very first day you sit in your classroom, every kind of work you do contributes to the final day of your graduation. This is important because, when the clock of life breaks, every single work that you would have done would have blown away into thin air like ashes. Therefore we should value our time, as Arnold H Glasow says, “success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way at the right time

An eagle has an eye that is estimated to be 8 times stronger than that of an average human being, it has the ability to spot a rabbit that is 3.5 km away. When it flies, it is so high it needs to see what lies ahead before it gets there, therefore when it sees something on the ground it slowly starts descending, preparing to catch its prey. In simple words, the eagle is very calculative, it starts preparing for what lies ahead before it even gets there. The most fascinating thing is how slow and careful it begins its preparation. This is an ability I believe every student needs to have, the ability to be calculative, the ability to see what lies ahead even before you get there. Therefore the smallest amount of work you get should be handled with highest amount of care and effort, because how you handle the work shows how clear you are about your future that lies ahead and how much you value it.

Two judges set together, to judge an elocution competition held in Parul University. One of the judges awarded scores at the end of every speech, while the other judge awarded scores during the speech. The question is which of these two judges did justice? And I believe the answer is simple, it is the one who marked in the process of giving the speech who did justice to the speaker. Students can be drawn into getting the degree on graduation day so much that their focus will be taken away from the actual learning process. That they forget to deliver their level best in every single task that they handle. Life is the kind of judge that awards points not for what you will do later but for what you have done at that particular point and time. Hence we need to ensure that in all that we do, from the time we wake up to the time we sleep, from the day of enrolment to the day of graduation, the smallest amount of detail has to be done to perfection because in life every second matters.

This is the kind of learning ethic that Parul University best seeks to impart on each and every student, and this is best achieved through the grooming of a world class kind of lecturers and professors. Who hold this work ethic deep within to produce the best Parul University student in India and throughout all the other international admissions.

I personally believe, that you need to pursue perfection in all that you do, simply because if you aim at the sun and fail to hit it, you will definitely fall on a star, but never on the ground.


Dr Geetika Madan Patel
Member(BOG) & Medical Director
Parul University

Dr Geetika Madan Patel is a proficient doctor and administrator having pursued her MBBS and MD in Community Medicine with Gold Medal from the illustrious Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.
Currently she is the Member of Board of Governance and Medical Director of Parul University.

She has played key role in the establishment and is now heading Parul Sevashram Hospital (450 bedded Multispecialty hospital affiliated to the Medical College under Parul University), Ayurveda and Homoeopathy Hospitals affiliated to their respective colleges and various other medical and paramedical activities and initiatives of Parul University. She has played a pivotal role in expanding the health care activities of the trust beyond the boundaries of Gujarat State to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra. She is also involved in teaching community medicine subject to the Medical students.

With her special interest in developing research activities in the field of Medical and Paramedical Science, she has established Clinical research and Public Health Research departments, Institutional Ethics Committee for Human research in the University. She has won many national awards for her research presentations during her post graduation.

In addition to this, she also works for various social welfare activities especially in the field of Health, Education and Women empowerment.

The incessant efforts of Dr Geetika are always directed towards taking Parul University to the mark of excellence in all the fields.

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