Understanding the forms of God this Ratriyatra

The need to live a life full of care and respect for everyone around us. Through this message from the desk of the President, Dr Devanshu Patel this Ratriyatra. 

Swami Vivekananda was a man who served God. He was serving God, when he came across the widow in tears and managed to wipe off her tears, he was serving God when he gave all the food he had to the hungry child on the street, he was also serving God when he saw the poor man on the roadside and gave him his only blanket. In all these acts i believe he was serving God because he managed to see God not only in the idols in his temple but he managed to see God in each and everyone around him.


I strongly believe that this divine way which Swami Vivekananda lived, is a lesson to all of us. It is a lesson of understanding that God can take any form, he can be in the form of the idols surrounding us, and in the same way he can be in the form of the people around us. This is why we need to value each and every person who crosses our path. Showing them value through our kindness, respect, love and care, simply because God can take the form of the poor man we ignored, or the grandfather we disrespected, or even that child we did not care for.


I remember watching the movie Oh My God, and seeing a man being given guidance by Lord Krishna in the form of a man. From this point i got to realise the true need to value everyone who guides our daily lives and everyone who shows us the true way. To understand that we need help in our lives, and this help will come from the places we least expect. Which makes it of great importance to listen to the wise advice of the people around us.

The same goes for us this Rathayatra festival, you see the idols we have in our temples give us a deeper understanding of the various forms God can take. As we move with the various idols of Lord Krishna along the roads, let this act give us the faith to believe that he can take any form even that of man. In other words having all these idols in the street shows us that we do not only need to be in the temple to find God but we can find him wherever we walk spreading his goodness to all of humanity.


I believe we can serve God just as Swami Vivekananda did the moment we idolize his words in our hearts. It begins when we learn to keep the karma yoga Lord Krishna instructs, and perform our duties with virtue to everyone, without expecting anything in return. I deeply desire to see all the students and the staff of Parul University along with everyone else  to not only to not only follow these teachings, but keep them in our hearts. As we she share the goodness of God through the idols in our roads this Rathayatra, we may also continue sharing this goodness each day of lives through our hearts. Thank You and Happy Rathayatra.



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