Within The Teacher Lies The Power To Shape and Transform

The relationship between a teacher and student is like that of a pencil and a sharpener. The more you use the pencil, is the more it breaks and every time it breaks the sharpener will always be there to make the pencil sharp again. In other words the two of them cannot live without each other, because without the sharpener the pencil will have nothing to write and without the pencil the sharpener will serve no purpose.

This is what makes me believe that as teachers, every single day we play the role of sharpening our students. This is a role of great importance, because just like the pencil, our students will break because of heavy studies, examinations, practicals and even personal life issues and the moment they break we need to be there to sharpen them and patiently help them to become even better than before. Above all the a sharpener is always kept closer to the pencil, this means that as teachers we should continuously create bonds with our students, because this way, we will always notice when they need us most.

We may think that we will only be sharpening or teaching one student, or only one class, but in reality we hold the ability to shape a society, even the ability to shape a nation. A reflection of the life changing and transforming role of a teacher is what we see in countries like Finland and Japan. So much that if we faithfully commit ourselves to such ways of teaching which are focused on shaping the personal lives of the students from within, all our students in Parul University will be so sharpened that they will continuously make an active contribution in transforming our nation India. With these words I wish you all a Happy Teachers Day.

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